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Quality Promise
Who develops our products

We take pride in utilizing our extensive experience in pharmaceutical industry to develop our dietary supplement brand, Value Health & Wellness Supplements Products. Our scientific staff brings to Value Trade over twenty-five years of experience in product development and manufacturing.

Value Trade is committed to becoming the elite in the field of health and wellness supplements. Our goal is your health and wellness – to develop high-quality, safe and effective dietary supplements for men and women.

How we develop our products

To develop a new product our approach relies on conducting in-depth research on relevant clinical studies and literature. The supplement’s health benefit, potency, safety, and bioavailability are fundamental elements for our research and development.

Where we make our products

We manufacture our products in FDA-audited facility on the U.S.A. soil based in California. Besides, our manufacturing facility is staffed by highly trained personnel who share our commitment for efficacy. Besides, our products are made in accordance with current-Good Manufacturing Practice (c-GMP). Moreover, our quality assurance ensures that every product we make is in compliance with the FDA requirements for dietary supplements.

Our products are potent, safe and pure

Our supplements are cGMP-certified. Most importantly, they pass thorough analyses for trace contamination with mercury, arsenic, and lead.

Before we market each product batch, it must first pass a set of strict specification criteria per industry standards. This is to ensure that the product is potent, pure and safe before it goes to marketing.

We do not use preservatives, sugar, gelatin, gluten, yeast, or mold in our products. Moreover, ingredients of animal source, fish source or dairy ingredients are not used.

Value Health Products Supplements for Better Health & Well-being
Boost Everyday Energy
NEW L-arginine supplement with Zinc, Vitamin B12, and Folic Acid.  An energy-bosting, unique formulation developed for the lifestyle of the athletes and lay people.  It boosts the natural release of nitric oxide, leading to enhancing blood flow, cardiovascular health and energy for everyday activities.
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$ 21.75
Complete Pre-workout Powder

ADVANCED & COMPLETE. Strawberry flavored powder formula.  Energy boosting and muscle building ingredients.

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$ 39.75
For Everyday Vitality

For Men’s Vitality and Well-being. Special Ashwagandha Formula with Carnitine and Vitamins. Boosts Energy and Cognition. Supports Prostate Health.

$ 29.95